Dusty Derby Gets Dusty in the Official Trailer

Join the Fun in Dusty Derby

The South Korean company Geniesoft Inc. has released the official trailer of their upcoming title Dusty Derby. It showcases all the cute dust and their chaotic brawls in homely environments. The game will be coming to PC via Steam, however, we don’t have any release window so far. If you want to take a sneak peek at the actions, check it out right below.

Dusty Derby is a large online multiplayer party royal game with up to 32 players. You will take control of an adorable dust and compete with friends in wacky and hilarious games. Become the last one standing and get the title of the ‘King of Dusts’. Challenge everyone for the throne in 9 exciting mini-games across 3 great homely places.

Not only that, you can even customize your dust in a variety of ways. Change the color or the material of the dust, and use different facial expressions, accessories, costumes, and special felt costumes. And most importantly, create a dust that suits your taste and show off your attitude and personality.

If you are looking for a game to enjoy with your friends and family, then keep an eye out for this one. With its unique premise, charming visuals, and fast-paced gameplay, we are pretty sure that Dusty Derby will deliver a fun and hilarious experience to everyone.