Legends of Dionysos Will Arrive on Steam in Q2 2024

An Epic Adventure Awaits in Legends of Dionysos

The indie game studio TheGamingVan will be releasing their latest title Legends of Dionysos on Steam in Q2 2024. The launch date will be revealed sometime in the future. Furthermore, a demo version of the game is currently available on Steam and Itch.io. Anyone can dive right into it and get a first-hand experience of the game before it officially comes out.

Legends of Dionysos

Legends of Dionysos is a 2.5D action adventure RPG that takes place in a dark medieval fantasy world. In the game, you will create and customize your character and embark on an epic journey through a variety of breathtaking environments.

The game features a unique combat system where spells are bonded to the weapons and strategically switching between them serves as the key to every battle. There is also an attribute system that emphasizes the importance of individual stat. Utilize them to form varied playstyles, including tankiness, speed, and damage output.

Traverse through various terrains in an open world filled with monsters. There are shrines in each location that activate arenas. Take down hordes of enemy waves, and confront the boss in an awesome battle. You can even replay arenas at chosen difficulty levels using keystones, all guided by the quests.

Key features:

– A 2.5D action-adventure set in a dark medieval fantasy world.
– Customize your character and explore diverse environments.
– A unique combat system.
– An innovative attribute system.
– Various terrains in an open world filled with monsters.
– Shrines activate arenas in each location, facing waves of enemies and unique bosses.
– Replayable arenas with adjustable difficulty levels using keystones.