Sagres Will Be Setting Sail on Nintendo Switch

Conquer the Sea in Sagres

The solo indie game developer Ooze and publisher Kakehashi Games have announced that Sagres will be coming to Nintendo Switch soon. The release date will be announced at a later time. This open-world sailing simulation RPG is the debut title of the developer.

The game orginally came out on Steam back in September 2023, and is currently available for $19.99. It has managed to garner “Very Positive” reviews from more than 100 players. Furthermore, there is also a free demo version on the platform for everyone to try out.


Sagres is a open-world sailing simulator game with RPG elements that takes place during the 1400s, the Age of Discovery. You will get to explore the seven seas as the captain of the ship, Fernando. Discover hundreds of real locations, from the snowy mountains of North America to the Sahara Desert of Africa. All the while setting up trade routes and searching for local markets to find new goods to trade.

You can also customize the ship with a wide range of swords, guns, cannons and armor to fight against pirates, thieves, wild animals and mythical creatures. It features a unique “rock-paper-scissors” turn-based combat system as well.

There are various guilds in the game that offer contracts for to make discoveries and find priceless treasures. Rise through the ranks, and who know, you might even end up against royalt people on your way become the world’s greatest explorer.