DROS Is Coming to Nintendo Switch This Year

Escape the Evil Tower in DROS

Developer emergeWorlds and publisher RedDeer.Games are proud to announce that DROS is coming to Nintendo Switch sometime this year. They haven’t disclosed a specific release date or window as of yet. The game originally came out on PC via Steam back in July 2023. And now, we are excited to see it making a mark on the Switch.

DROS is a dark fantasy adventure game with steampunk elements and two distinct main characters, Dros and Captain. Join them in their adventure of escaping the dangerous tower of an evil Alchemist. Explore the treacherous tower and unravel the mysteries surrounding it. Find alchemical treasures and discover a world full of twists and turns in every corner.

The two main characters don’t have a lot in common, however, they need to leave their differences aside to survive. Players can swap between the small gooey creature and her human bounty hunter shell to work together and overcome challenges. The little Dros can jump squirm and stealth around the levels while the Captain can open heavy doors, weigh down pressure plates, and clear the path.

Along the way, they will meet many odd and loveable characters. Humans and Dros live side by side inside the Tower and the lines between good and evil are blurred. Use both your brains and brawn to solve puzzles, and fight off creepy creatures across 40 unique levels. Not only that, the game offers a narrative filled with humor, further enhancing the overall experience of the players.