Merchants of Rosewall Officially Revealed for PC

Become the Best Shopkeeper in Merchants of Rosewall

The new independent studio Big Blue Sky Games is thrilled to reveal its debut title Merchants of Rosewall. Coming out on PC via Steam this year, the game offers a shopkeeper simulation journey that challenges players to manage their own customizable shop. All the while uncovering the mysteries hidden in the majestic city filled with prominent citizens.

Merchants of Rosewall Featured

Merchants of Rosewall is a shopkeeper simulation game where you buy, craft, and sell your way to success. Set up your shop and fill it with items, wares, and other goods for the citizens to purchase. There will be plenty of resources, and countless days of hard work for your business to prosper.

Meet intriguing characters, including Giants, Orcs, Elves, and Corkgnomes, with distinct backgrounds, personalities, and ambitions. You can even hire your companions to help you manage the shop for the best results. Make sure to fulfill customers’ orders to gain hefty profit and then bring in more resources and new hires.

Explore the hidden secrets of the city and the people through complex conversations with the customers. The decisions and choices that you make in the gameplay a vital role in how the story unfolds. Unravel the mystery that could have a huge impact on everyone in Rosewall.

Kevin Hovdestad, game director at Big Blue Sky Games said, “At Big Blue Sky Games, we want to create games that feel easy to pick-up-and-play, with narratives that players haven’t seen considered in other games,” 

He also added “With Merchants of Rosewall, we’re challenging stereotypes and conventions in the fantasy genre; we’re inviting players into an imaginative universe that breaks away from cliches and lets players experience real-world issues through nuanced storytelling and complex conversations. We are excited for players to get their hands on the game later this year.”