We Heist Too Official Game Announcement

Welcome to We Heist Too

Z33 Games is thrilled to present its new upcoming title We Heist Too, coming to PC this year. It is a sandbox open-world game that draws huge inspiration from titles like Robbery Bob and Hello Neighbour. So, get ready to explore unique places as a criminal in a world where everything is almost possible.

We Heist Too

We Heist Too is a 3D sandbox open-world game that takes place in the unconventional city of Rywadorium. You will step inside the shoes of a thief and explore different regions of the city. All the while pretending to be a regular citizen with no illegal intention. You can perceive the game as a thief simulator, a stealth game, an adventure/exploration game, a puzzle game, or, perhaps, a dose of comedy. Or as simply a lovely RPG.

The game strives to put you in various criminal roles and playstyles. So, the main goal is pretty simple- to rob a certain amount of valuables from various people and their houses. Well, there a plenty of ways to do it, and the game does not tell you what to do. There are various types of equipment at your disposal as well which will come in handy in times of need.

All the decisions in the game are totally up to you. You can decide how you operate, and how you talk to citizens. If you need their help, you also decide whether you use your intelligence to solve tasks and rob a home without ever being seen. Or just bravely roll through it like a badass. So, are you ready to become a criminal mastermind? Let us know what you feel.