Against The Storm Lays Out the Coming Weather With Roadmap

Free Updates and New DLC 

The rain shows no sign of stopping. In fact, many more storms are right on the horizon and players will need to adapt to weather them. Now fully released after a long and successful run in Early Access, the storm is letting players know what comes next. Today,  Eremite Games and Hooded Horse are giving players a look at what’s in store for their  city-builder strategy game, Against the Storm. Inviting players to check out the future of the game, a new roadmap gives players a look at the updates and the flavor of the DLC coming to the game in 2024.

Against the Storm

Against the Storm places players in control of a city in a world plagued by endless storms. Players must unite all of the different species of this fantasy world and tame the wilderness around the city to survive.  Importantly, the game allows players to construct the city, explore the area around it, research new technology, and brace for the storm. With the full release of the game, players can choose between different game modes. For example, “The Queen’s Hand” mode which will make everything significantly harder.

Of course, the Against The Storm roadmap is giving players a small taste of what is to come. For instance, free updates. Some of the updates include more unique art, and even additional languages. Yet, perhaps the most exciting aspect of the roadmap is DLC. Importantly, the game’s developers are promising a new DLC. Interestingly, the next expansion is to contain a new playable species, new biomes, buildings, and more. Check out the road map below.

Against the Storm Roadmap

Against The Storm is available now on Steam.