Spiritfall Battles Out of Early Access on February 28th

A Journey of Spirits and Combat

A world of spirits is coming to Steam. Fully stepping into themselves, the Omenforged is ready to embrace their warrior path and crush the corruption. Today, Gentle Giant Games is excited to announce the full release of their platform fighter, Spiritfall, to PC via Steam on February 28th. Inviting players to a fantasy world, the game combines roguelike action and fighting game mechanics to create a unique adventure experience. Importantly, the full game will include all of the updates up to the release and will even feature the final new area full of enemies and places to explore: The Brink. 


Spiritfall places players in the shoes of the Omenforged. A divine warrior tasked with a mission of the utmost importance, players will follow the Omenforged’s path to rid the world of a corrupting blight. Interestingly, places an emphasis on a vast arsenal of weapons that players can choose to equip themselves with on their adventure. In fact, each weapon comes with a different playstyle and utilize new spirits in battle. Of course, the game uses roguelike mechanics meaning players will experience randomized item generation and perm-death situations. However, death is another path this spirit warrior must take. Dying allows players to progress through meta-progression. For instance, it will allow players to unlock new items, powers, and more.

A new release date trailer for Spiritfall gives players a look at the game. For instance, the trailer shows off the gameplay and art style. Check it out below.

Spiritfall is releasing on February 28th, 2024. It will release on PC via Steam.