Spiritfall Fighting It’s Way To Early Access With New Trailer

Platform-Fighter Roguelike 

A blight is spreading across the land. You are chosen to stop it. Today, Gentle Giant Games is happy to unveil the launch trailer for their upcoming platform-fighting roguelike, Spiritfall. Releasing into Early Access April 3rd, the game combines elements of platform fighting and adventure roguelikes. Of course, a press release provides more info on the game. Additionally, players interested can check out the new trailer for a better look at what to expect. 


Spiritfall places players in the shoes of the Omenforged. The Omenforged is a divine warrior who spirits chose to clear the world of an unknown blight. Importantly, this means player must adventure across the land. Of course, during their adventure, players will traverse dangerous regions, meet mysterious characters, wield an arsenal of weaponry, and collecting blessings from the spirits. Interestingly, the game combines the combo fighting style of platform-fighters with the procedural generation and permadeath of roguelikes. However, death can only make you stronger. Dying will introduce skills to upgrade, abilities to unlock, and resources to spend. 

Importantly, players can get a glimpse of what they can expect from the game. From the characters, to the combat, the world of Spiritfall awaits you. Check it out below. 

Spiritfall is releasing into Steam Early Access on April 3rd. So, are you ready to stop the blight? Are you prepared to take on the mantle of the Omenforged? Then be sure to wish list the game on Steam so you’re ready for the release. Prepare yourself.