Have A Nice Death Unveils Gameplay Overview Trailer Ahead of Launch

Death INC. 

Being in charge of the dead is not an easy job. It’s even harder when death is a corporation and the employees aren’t listening. Today, Gearbox Publishing and Magic Design Studios is giving players a a deeper look at their upcoming dark roguelike, Have a Nice Death, with a gameplay overview trailer. The trailer provides fans with all they need to know before they jump into the game. Additionally, a press release delves into more info about the game. 

Have A Nice Death Review

Have a Nice Death sets players in the robes of Death himself. In this world, Death is running a massive corporation, Death Incorporated. However, controlling the land of the dead isn’t the easiest and Death needed some help. Yet, now his employees, the Sorrows, are running amuck causing all sorts of havoc to his beloved industry. It’s up to Death to put them back in their place. 

Have a Nice Death is a roguelike game that invites players to hack-and-slash their way through Death Inc. The new trailer goes over exactly what players can expect from the game. For instance, the trailer shows off bits of the procedurally generated company players will explore, some of the over 70 weapons at Death’s disposal, and more. Adventuring through the departments of Death Inc will also introduce players to a whole cast of characters, items,  Of course, players can check out the trailer below. 

Have a Nice Death is launching on Nintendo Switch and PC on March 22nd. So, do you have your cloak and scythe picked out?