Goblin Camp Settles In With New Gameplay Trailer

Time to Gob Out

Goblin life is no walk in the park. There are sub-zero winters, goblin-eating monsters, and forest spirits that may or may not harm you depending on the day. That’s not even mentioning the need to gather resources or anything like that. Yet, somehow they make do. Today, Korppi Games is excited to unveil a new gameplay trailer for their fantasy city-builder, Goblin Camp. Coming to Early Access sometime in 2024, the game invites players to manage and build their very own goblin settlement in the frozen forests of the north. Set in a world inspired by Finnish folklore, the game includes deep simulation mechanics to simulate the hardships of boreal life. Of course, the new gameplay trailer gives players a deeper look at the life of goblins. 

Goblin Camp

Goblin Camp places players in charge of a settlement of goblins. Here, in the northern forests of the world, players will need to transform their camp from a makeshift hovel in the woods to a thriving city. Importantly, this will require a great deal of work and survival skills. The game features an expansive and deep simulation system to truly test the limits of survival. In fact, players will need to manage their resources, enlist their goblins, and defend their settlement from monsters to survive. Interestingly, the game also allows players to conduct research in both magic and technology trees, discovery new spells and tools to make life easier in the forest. Furthermore, the spirit world is always a factor providing blessings and curses to the goblin folk.

Of course, players can get a great look at Goblin Camp in the new gameplay trailer. View the trailer below.

Goblin Camp is set for release in 2024. Currently, the game is available to wish list on Steam.