Ace Attorney Series Continues to Evolve with Switch Title

Ace Attorney Producer Confirms Ongoing Development and Teases Future Titles

A recent interview with Ace Attorney producer Kenichi Hashimoto strongly indicates that the beloved visual novel series is far from reaching its conclusion.

In a discussion with 4Gamer, Hashimoto shared insights into the future of the franchise. While refraining from unveiling specific details about upcoming titles, he reassured fans that the series is not coming to an end. The use of Capcom’s RE (Reach for the Moon) Engine in recent Ace Attorney releases, including Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney Trilogy, has been a significant leap forward for the series.

Hashimoto specifically mentioned the wealth of knowledge gained from working with the RE Engine, hinting at potential advancements and improvements in future Ace Attorney games. The engine, known for its versatility and success in various Capcom flagship titles such as Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, Devil May Cry 5, Street Fighter 6, and Monster Hunter Rise, has played a crucial role in elevating the visual and interactive experience of the Phoenix Wright’s adventures.

Notably, the statement about the series not coming to a halt suggests that fans can eagerly anticipate new and exciting developments in the Ace Attorney universe. While no concrete details were disclosed, the producer’s assurance of ongoing commitment and the prospect of what lies ahead serve as a tantalizing teaser for loyal fans.

As a testament to the series’ evolution, the development of the REX Engine, Capcom’s successor to the RE Engine, is already in progress. With this continuous innovation in game engine technology, the future of Ace Attorney appears to be brimming with possibilities, promising engaging narratives, captivating courtroom drama, and the trademark charm that has endeared the franchise to gamers worldwide. As the Apollo Justice Trilogy graces the Switch, fans can embark on a nostalgic journey while eagerly anticipating the unfolding chapters that lie ahead in the ever-expanding world of Ace Attorney.