Riftstorm Shares Pre-Alpha Test Numbers

A Successful Test 

Playtests are an integral part of game development. Alphas and, perhaps more importantly, pre-Alphas give gamers their first impressions of a game and allow developers to see what needs work. Of course, this is especially essential when a game is meant to be made great. Today, Mythic Protocol is happy to share the results of the recent Pre-Alpha playtest for their in development roguelite, Riftstorm. Amassing over 5000 playtesters, the pre-Alpha was a major success. According to a press release, the playtest saw some players reach over 40 hours of gameplay in just a week of play. Additionally, the press release provides insight from Mythic Protocol Creative Director, Fandry Indrayadi. 


“Given how early we are in production, we had only implemented an expected 3 hours of content,” says Indrayadi, “The fact that players hit that, and kept going is shocking and very gratifying. We spent so long trying to get our gameplay fundamentals down and now we can see it finally paying off.”  

Riftstorm invites players to a diablo-like roguelite experience. Taking on the role of different secret operatives players will battle eldritch horrors in challenging dungeon-like settings. Importantly, the dungeon-crawling, roguelite, gameplay invokes replayability with players able to test different characters and strategies out. Importantly, a comic trailer from two months ago gives players a glimpse of the game’s universe. Check it out below.

Riftstorm is currently in development. It is set to release for PC via Steam. Interested players can check out the game’s website for more info.