Realm of Ink Gives Players a Sketch With Developer Trailer

The Scarlet Sword 

Prepare to step into a world of art and ink. Distinctly, this world draws its inspiration from Chinese-style ink paintings, only now they feel even more alive. It’s time to enter the realm. Today, Leap Studio and Maple Leaf Studio are happy to give players a look inside the world of their upcoming action roguelite, Realm Of Ink. A new developer diary takes players into the world of the game while introducing the playable demo. In fact, the diary shows off one of the playable weapon schools: The Scarlet Sword. The diary is 13 minutes of gameplay from the demo of the game. 

Realm of Ink

Realm of Ink introduces players to a swordswoman named Red. Pursuing the dreaded Fox Demon, Red suddenly becomes aware of her existence within a book. Of course, as a book, the game is full of characters whose lives may or may not be determined by a pre-written destiny. However, it is up to the player to hack-and-slash their way through this adventure, unlocking new characters, and discovering the truth. Importantly, the game uses action roguelite mechanics, similar to Hades, allowing players to experiment with different weapons and characters to figure out their own favorite playstyle. 

Importantly, the Realm of Ink developer video gives players a look at the first character in the game, Red. Additionally, players get a look at the Scarlet Sword, a vast and versatile weapon. Check out the 13 minute demo showcase below.

Realm of Ink is currently in development and is set to release on Steam in 2024.