Fran Bow Gets a Super Rare Release

Phycological Goes Physical 

Sometimes you just need a physical version of your favorite creepy adventure. So, why not kick February off by grabbing a creepy psychological adventure into the mind of a disturbed young girl? Who says February can’t be a scary month? Today, KillMonday Games AB and Super Rare Games are happy to announce the physical edition of psychological horror adventure, Fran Bow. Releasing for the Nintendo Switch on February 1st, the physical edition of the game will invite players to experience the story of a peculiar girl named Fran. However, the physical release will include a host of additional goodies for fans.¬†

Fran Bow

Fran Bow invites players to join the story of the titular character. Fran is a mentally disturbed young lady who is imprisoned in Oswald Asylum after watching the horrific death of her parents. Interestingly, Fran’s reality may not be exactly right. In fact, after her parents’ death, she was rushing into the woods after her cat Mr. Midnight. Yet, when she awakes, she’s in the asylum and Mr. Midnight is missing. As Fran, players will explore the asylum, self medicating to solve a variety of puzzles. Players will explore the Ultrareality on a mission to uncover the truth behind her parents’ murder and reuinite with Mr. Midnight and her Aunt.

Of course, those who haven’t had a chance to check out Fran Bow can view the release trailer below.

Fran Bow’s physical release will be available for Nintendo Switch on February 1st. The physical editions of the game will include a full art book, collectible trading cards, exclusive stickers, and more. Check out the physical edition here.