Guild Saga: Vanished Worlds Is Coming to Steam Early Access in April

Immerse Yourself in Guild Saga: Vanished Worlds

Ocelot Technologies has announced the Steam Early Access release date for their upcoming title Guild Saga Vanished Worlds. The game will be available on the platform on 16 April 2024. Additionally, it will be participating in the Steam Next Fest as well from 5th to 12th February. You can put it on your wish list right now to get instant access when it launches.

Guild Saga: Vanished Worlds

Guild Saga: Vanished Worlds is an RPG that takes huge inspiration from classics like Final Fantasy Tactics and EverQuest. The story takes place in the Realm of Aarde, an open world full of magic, danger, and intrigue. An angry deity threatens his wrath upon humanity in search of vengeance. This raised the tension of war between the kingdoms of man, elf, and beast. Meanwhile, a mysterious cabal is busy trying to resurrect an ancient evil that once tore the world apart.

Players will embark on a mission as a member of the Heroes Guild which becomes more complicated than it seems. They must collect new allies, find loot and increase their strength, battle magical foes, and determine the destiny of the world.

The game has a unique progression system comprising more than 100 skills spread across 10 schools. This grants players complete customization of their characters. Additionally, companions possess distinctive skill sets, enabling players to form parties according to their preferred playstyle.