God For A Day Gets Existential With Announcement

Become As God 

It’s time to become godly. Or at least in relation to. The citizens of this city are blessed or condemned by your hand. Do you have what it takes to uncover the truth about each individual and make the right calls? Or will you condemn an innocent to damnation?  Today, Funky Forest happily announced their upcoming deduction game, God For A Day, alongside a new trailer. The game invites players to step into the role of the son of God and become the final judge over the residents of a town known as HopeWood City. A new announcement trailer gives players a glimpse of the game. Additionally, a press release provides some context for the game. 

God For A Day

God For A Day introduces players to a deduction game of divine proportions. Described, in a press release, as an adventure that “seamlessly merges the thought-provoking elements of “Papers, Please” and the existential choices of “Death and Taxes,'”  the game puts a heavenly spin on the genre. Playing as the son of God, players will need to investigate the people of HopeWood City and determine whether to bless them or condemn them to eternal punishment. Of course, players will need to face moral choices, puzzles, and other dilemmas while uncovering the truth of individuals in the city. Importantly, every choice players make will affect the branching storyline of the game.

Players can get an early look at God For A Day in the announcement trailer. Check out the trailer below.

God For A Day is set to release for PC via Steam in 2024.