Deathbound Getting Lively With Steam Next Fest Demo

Refuse the Call of Death

Death is not the end. At least for these warriors. In fact, death may just make them stronger. A world of dark science and zealous faith awaits, and the dead are here to save it. Today, Tate Multimedia and Trialforge Studio are happy to announce a new demo for their upcoming soulslike, Deathbound. Appearing exclusively on Steam Next Fest, the demo will give players their first jump into a dark world full of death and undeath. Importantly, the game combines action combat and soulslike elements to create a unique adventure in a gruesome world. A demo teaser trailer gives players a glimpse of what awaits them in the demo. 


Deathbound invites players to enter the world of Ziêminal. Here, the city of Akratya is falling apart, destroyed by horrendous monstrosities and dark magics. Stepping into the role of a magical warrior, players will embark on a crusade through the city. Using the power of fallen heroes, players can adopt different fighting styles and abilities to defeat dangerous enemies and fearsome bosses. Interestingly, players can swap between dead warriors quickly, comboing abilities to create devastating attacks.  

Importantly, Deathbound features an extensive list of heroes players can become. For instance,  lightning-wielding Olivia is one such character, who harnesses magic to devastate enemies. Yet, there are many to experiment with to find your perfect playstyle. Check out the teaser trailer for the next fest demo below.

Deathbound is planned for release in 2024 for PC via Steam. Players can get their hands on the Next Fest Demo on February 8th.