Once Upon a Puppet Official Teaser Trailer Unveiled

Create the Perfect Story in Once Upon a Puppet

The independent game studio Flatter than Earth has finally unveiled its debut title Once Upon a Puppet with a teaser trailer. This amazing 2.5D platformer will allow players to immerse themselves in a world of theatre and puppeteering. Moreover, it is coming out sometime this year on PC via Steam, though there is no specific release window or date yet.

Once Upon a Puppet blends the elements of platforming, puzzles, captivating stories, and constant peril lurking at every turn. The unfolding tale takes place in a realm governed by a sorrowful King driven by the desire to craft the perfect story.

Players assume the roles of Nieve, a Stagehand banished to the mysterious Understage, and Drev, a Puppet linked to her through a magical spool and thread. They must control both the characters, use their unique abilities, and navigate through an exquisite environment.

Their quest revolves around disentangling themselves and returning to the theater above. All the while rediscovering forgotten tales and unveiling the shadowy secrets concealed in the depths of the Understage. Ultimately, they come to the profound realization that their destinies are intricately connected to the fate of the Kingdom of Theater.

The game immerses players in a realm of theatrical performance. It features lively characters, different theatrical sets, a variety of costumes to collect, a touch of dramatic flair, and a generous dose of vaudeville humor. This combination creates an experience that seamlessly melds the roles of player and performer.