Punihi Loader 2 Is Out on Steam Early Access

Create the Ultimate Mecha in Punihi Loader 2

Prepare yourself for some amazing battles! 221 Games’s third-person mecha shooter Punihi Loader 2 is now available on Steam Early Access. You can purchase it on the platform for $12.99 and dive right into the action. Moreover, a demo version is also there for everyone to try out.

In Punichi Loader, a mysterious cute creature called Punichi rides mechs and engages in hardcore battles. The story takes place in a place called Neo Asahikawa where the trend of Punihi riding mechs and competing in battles has become very popular.

As a player, your objective is to guide a team and become the most formidable force in Neo Asahikawa. The game features so many options for customization. There are over 100 mecha parts to build the most fearsome one. Not only that, you can even change the clothes of your Punihi.

Key features:

– Various mecha customization: Customize mechs consisting of five parts (Body/Left Arm/Right Arm/Legs/Back Equipment) freely. There are over 100 parts available. Create your own strongest mech!
– Dress up Punihi: Enjoy various fashion options for the Punihi!
– Fight with your squad: Battles with two AI-controlled wingmen. Coordinate effectively to devise the strongest tactics!
– Become the strongest team in Neo Asahikawa: Engage in 3v3 battles against rival teams in the arena. Enjoy intense hardcore battles without holding back!
– And there is also money making: Earn money in Mission Mode. Kick out the small fry enemies to relieve stress! Giant bosses will also make an appearance!