Call of Duty Hints at Black Ops Sequels for 2024 and 2025

Insider Insights Hint at Exciting Developments with Black Ops 2 Sequel in 2030

Recent reports suggest that the Call of Duty franchise is set to revisit the Black Ops universe for its next two installments, with a particular focus on a sequel to Black Ops 2 in the year 2030. Insider Gaming, after conversing with multiple sources, reveals that the 2025 entry, codenamed Saturn, is expected to extend the narrative from Black Ops 2 and explore a futuristic setting.

Initially conceived as a game centered around remade multiplayer maps from Black Ops 2, the project, codenamed Saturn, has evolved, with plans now incorporating a blend of revamped classic locations and entirely new arenas. This shift in approach might be a response to feedback received after Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, which primarily offered remakes of maps from its 2009 predecessor, Modern Warfare 2.

Black Ops 4 Specialist Spectre

Although Call of Duty 2025 is still in the early stages of development, Insider Gaming reports that the Black Ops 2 sequel is anticipated to feature a rebuilt movement system, the return of Pick-10 customization for multiplayer, and a round-based Zombies mode.

Simultaneously, there are murmurs about Call of Duty 2024, another Black Ops installment set against the backdrop of the Gulf War in the 1990s. While the official unveiling is pending, leaks suggest that this entry will reintroduce classic maps, including WMD from the original game and Grind from the second one. However, recent speculation hints that Grind might be associated with the 2025 release instead.

In an intriguing revelation made by Activision in October, the company disclosed its comprehensive roadmap for the Call of Duty series, extending its plans through the year 2027. As the franchise navigates through historical and futuristic narratives, players can anticipate an exciting blend of familiar landscapes and innovative gameplay experiences in the years to come.