Worldless Talks Combat Inspirations in New Developer Diary

The Fountains of Worldless

Every creation has its inspirations. When developing a game the creators need to understand the genre. Obviously, to understand the genre, understanding the games in said genre is important. Thunderful Games and NoName Studios are happy to show off their own understanding in a developer diary for their upcoming game, Worldless. The developer diary, the advanced combat breakdown, shows off the game and discusses how it incorporates mechanics inspired by games of the past. Of course, the developer diary gives players a look at the game and the combat players can expect. 

Worldless introduces players to a shapeless world that blurs between two realities. Interestingly, the game harnesses real-time combat and turn-based battles to create a blend of combat styles. Of course, players can navigate the combat of the world as they explore this world between times. Importantly, the combat draws inspiration from both Devil May Cry and Octopath Traveller as it aims to create its own unique combat system. 

Worldless’ creative and Animation Director, Joel Roset, delves into the combat details of the game. In fact, Roset discusses key mechanics of the game such as the “Absorption Tank” mechanic. Additionally, the developer diary provides more details on the various systems the game implements, and how players must use these systems in conjunction to succeed. Check out the diary below. 

Worldless is coming to PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and Switch on November 21st. This developer diary is the second, following an earlier developer diary that began taking steps into the game’s design. Check out the first video diary here.