Robots At Midnight Mechanizes With Announcement Trailer

Cassette Futurism and Robots 

The 41st Annual Golden Joystick Awards were a bag of fun announcements and awards given to the gaming community. Of course, amidst these announcements, some games have reared their heads. As part of these announcements, at the Awards, Indie Studio Finish Line Games announced its newest title, a sci-fi action adventure, Robots at Midnight. The game invites players to the world of Yob. In this place, players discover an overrun and ruined world full of satirical robots with ill intent. A reveal trailer gives players a look at the world of Robots at Midnight. 

Robots At Midnight

Robots at Midnight introduces players to Zoe. As Zoe, players will navigate the Cassete Futurist world of Yob. This world is full of deep lore, action combat, and philosophical questions. Importantly,  players will explore this world in third-person as they engage in difficult and rewarding combat against different types of robots. However, the robots have been evolving, turning into different versions of themselves.

As players explore the world of Robots at Midnight they will discover the game’s fluid mechanics. They can climb, dodge, run flip, fight, and more all in real-time. Additionally, players will need to make risk-reward choices that will change the fate of the game. Furthermore, players can expect RPG progression to change how it feels to play as Zoe. Check out the announcement trailer for the game below for a look at what awaits in Yob. 

Robots at Midnight is set to release on PC and Xbox Series X/S in 2024. Of course, players can check out other titles from Finish Line Games such as  SkullyMaize, and Cel Damage HD on the developer’s website