PathBlasters Will Explode Its Way Onto Steam in 2024

Blow up Everything in Your Path

The indie solo developer Toco Productions featured its upcoming game PathBlasters on Indie Sunday with awesome news. It also revealed that the game is expected to release on Steam at the end of Q1 2024. This 2D retro arcade puzzle game is inspired by classic titles like Bomberman and Magical Drop and takes its players on an awesome explosive race with a big monster chasing them constantly.

In PathBlasters, you must destroy everything on your way by using bombs, all the while arranging crates and dynamites to create chain reactions. There are different biomes as well with their own unique mechanics. However, if you get caught by the monster, you will die instantly.

The game can be enjoyed solo or with your friends in online or offline mode. In the versus mode, the first player to reach the maximum score or the last one alive wins the match. They can collect crystals and summon new obstacles on their opponent’s path. Players can also create a combo to throw rockets at each other.

The game is easy to learn and play, but the fast-paced puzzle solving will test your ability. Furthermore, there are other game modes like Time Attack Mode where you can race your own ghost and solve fixed-screen puzzles with a limited number of bombs.

Overall, PathBlaster is a love letter to old-school retro arcade games and it will definitely be worth checking out.