Our Life on Water Floating A New Idea For Life-Sims

A World of Water 

Sometimes you just want to float. Now, games surrounding water aren’t new. Games like Flotsam, and Sunken Land invite players to worlds flooded and full of wild adventure. Yet, perhaps a more simple life calls to you. Luckily, award-winning Polish Developer Different Tales, announced their newest title a life-sim RPG, Our Life on Water. Allowing players to explore a world of rivers, the game introduces soothing mechanics familiar to life-sim players and combines them with magical realism. Additionally, the game introduces topics like environmental threats, societal issues, and conflicts, that will develop in the game’s story. Of course, a reveal trailer for the game allows players to get a glimpse of the watery world that awaits them. 

Our Life on Water

Our Life on Water invites players to the county of Sahakom. Based on real-life Vietnam and Cambodia, the country is built with waterborne settlements. Importantly, players are stepping into this world to develop a life of their own. Becoming a Rivertalker is leading a life of simplicity. Players will farm, dive, breed animals, fish, commune with River Spirits, make friendships, and even find love. However, it isn’t all simplicity. There are frequent moral and physical challenges that will present themselves. Interestingly, these choices will change the outcome of the story. So, you may need to commune with spirits to help. Or turn to Yla, a very conversational otter. 

Importantly, players can check out Our Life on Water in the announcement trailer. See what is next from the developers of games like  Werewolf: The Apocalypse — Heart of the Forest and Wanderlust: Travel Stories. Check it out below. 

Our Life on Water is currently in development and will release on PC via Steam at a later date.