Winter Survival Unveils Brutal New Trailer With Release Date

Can you Survive?

A brutal wasteland awaits. Separated from friends, from civilization, and from basic necessities. A ghost town, bears, and the harshest winter of your life lay before you. Can you survive? Today, developer DRAGO Entertainment is happy to announce that their sandbox survival game, Winter Survival, is heading to Steam Early Access on February 28th. Inviting players to a sanity-breaking experience, the game allows players to try their hand at surviving in the frozen wastes of a treacherous terrain. Of course, a new trailer teases the game’s themes with a frozen scene. Additionally, a press release provides more details on the game. 

Winter Survival

Winter Survival transforms a would-be trip to Mount Washington State Park into a horrific fight for survival. Separated from their friends, players will be forced to adapt to the harsh reality of the situation. Importantly, players will need to learn how to survive as the days pass. For instance, crafting equipment, shelters, and improving their crafting and hunting skills, will all be paramount to surviving the situation. Yet, there is more than meets the eye here. Players also find themselves in a ghost town. A mystery begins unfolding but are players brave enough to solve it? Especially when sanity begins to decay. Face off against bears, wolves, the elements, and even your own mind.

Interestingly, Winter Survival combines sandbox survival with mystery and adventure to create a brutally unique experience. The new teaser trailer provides players with an overall feeling of what they can expect from the game.  Check out the trailer for the game below. 

Winter Survival is releasing to Steam Early Access on February 28th.