Trove – Punches & Potions Update Is Available Now on PC

Trove Gets a Major Update

The video game developer and publisher gamigo has released the Punches & Potions update for Trove on PC today. This major patch comes with two new trade skills and a new user interface for the awesome sandbox MMO game.


Here are the new features:

New User Interface – Effects Viewer Window

In this latest update, there will be a new Effects Viewer window. This will allow players to view their current active effects and scroll through a list of class-based effects. They will be able to read them or remove the effects in some cases.

New Tradeskill – Mysticism

This new update adds a new trade skill called Mysticism. This new trade skill will allow players to find various recipes for buffs, potions, and scrolls (rarely) through different world activities and Mystic Reagent Stash.

To pursue this profession, you must collect mana from adventure worlds. This resource is currently present in only three biomes. There will be a cycle every week, where the mana begins to spawn in one new biome and leave the old biome behind.

Mystics who are currently under training can invest in the new Mystic Madness pack, with collectibles and Mystic Reagent Stashes to boost their progress.

New Tradeskill – Martial Arts

Players can build Good Karma by performing Acts of Service like quests and activities on behalf of the Neon Punch Club. Looting and collecting existing trophies to receive soul tangles of the corresponding NPC types will build Bad Karma. Combine these two to create shouts, stances, and mantras.

Certain ability types provide a temporary mini-buff and use up shouts and stances. Mantras, on the other hand, grant a short-duration buff without consumption during specific animation states. Converting them into a Litany effect at the Relic of Preservation will consume mantras.

Read the full patch notes right here.