Eigengrau Has Started Shooting on the Nintendo Switch

Destroy All the Enemies in Eigengrau

Martin Mauersics, the Vienna-based video game developer has announced the release of Eigengrau on Nintendo Switch today. You can purchase it right now on the Nintendo eShop for just $9.99 USD. It is a colorful shoot ’em up game that offers varied and diverse gameplay besides just shooting and dodging. Every situation, enemy, and boss gives a unique handcrafted experience.


Eigengrau features a wide variety of stages and gimmicks that are fun and challenging. Players will travel across burning mountains, frozen plains, below the ocean, and outer space toward an unknown goal. Along the way, they will collect ancient fragments of mysterious origin and discover themselves amidst the darkness of the world.

The Nintendo Switch version supports a single Joy-Con couch co-op option. As well as vertical-mode gaming with the Flip Grip, and Nintendo Switch Online leaderboards. The developer said: “It was a great experience porting Eigengrau to the Nintendo Switch, and I hope a lot of people will check it out and have fun!”

The game is already available on PC via Steam, Itch.io, and the Epic Games Store since its release on 5 Jun 2023. Moreover, a demo version is also there on Steam for everyone to try out.

Overall, it is an amazing game with arcade gameplay and tons of accessibility. If you are a fan of the shoot ’em up genre, go ahead and give it a shot.