Ninja Issen Slashes Its Way to Steam Today

The Hyper Fast Ninja Is Ready for Action

Get ready for some amazing fast-paced action! Solo Korean developer ASTEROID-J and publisher CFK have officially launched Ninja Issen globally on Steam today. Yes, you heard it right. The highly anticipated hyper-speed ninja has finally made its appearance. You can purchase it right now on the platform for just $14.99 USD.

Ninja Issen

Ninja Issen is a retro-style 2D action platformer game that takes place in a cyberpunk city. The game pays homage to the classic ninja games of the 8 and 16-bit era. The story is about Kiba, a top ninja falsely accused of the murder of the clan leader. There are many ninjas and enemies trying to avenge his crime. As he escapes and runs away, he suddenly finds himself in an unknown and unfamiliar world.

Kiba got injured very badly but he still managed to save his skin. A strange coincidence made him meet Hanzo, the engineer who helps him get back to his feet. Desperate to clear his own name and return to his world, Kiba goes through a series of modifications and reinforcements, giving him enhanced strength and agility.

Kiba must use anything in your arsenal of attacks and skills to slash through the enemies. Experience the thrill and pleasure of dominating the battlefield with different ninja maneuvers.

There are so many bosses that will test Kiba’s skills as well. Each of them has its own overwhelming firepower and attack patterns. Remember and take advantage of it to slay them down. Players can also create their own playstyle by combining weapons and ninja skills.

The game has a retro graphics filter with an amazing soundtrack that will give its players a nostalgic feeling. Moreover, a demo version is also available on Steam for everyone to try out.