Train Traffic Manager Chugs Its Way to Switch and Xbox

All Aboard

Running this tangled mess of railway is going to take some work. Luckily, you can step into the shoes of train traffic manager and sort these trains out. It isn’t going to be easy, but that’s the fun of the job. The important thing is you keep every train on track. Today, Baltoro Games is happy to announce the release of their management puzzle game, Train Traffic Manager. Out now on Xbox and Nintendo Switch consoles, the game invites players to become the managers of dynamic and complex railway systems. Obviously, these systems need a lot of work to run properly, but that’s where the player comes in. An announcement trailer provides gamers with a look at the game. 

Train Traffic Manager

Train Traffic Manager takes on the puzzle game genre in a new way. The game invites players to tangle with over 80 levels of train traffic mayhem where diverse locations add another level of difficulty to the puzzles. Of course, this means no two levels are the same. One could present a fallen tree on the tracks, whereas another could have a meteor shower causing devastation. However, the goal remains the same, keep the trains on track and avoid crashes. 

Importantly, the game allows players to direct trains in various ways. For instance, moving tracks around, raising bridges, ensuring stops, directional signs, and more. Additionally, players can recruit their friends to help them and engage in several different modes. Take a look at the gameplay of Train Traffic Manager in the announcement trailer. 

Train Traffic Manager is out now on Xbox and Nintendo Switch consoles. Additionally, the game will be releasing for PC via Steam in 2024. Better put your conductor’s hat on. It’s time to get on board.