Nora the Wannabe Alchemist is Getting Magical on Switch

Potion Prepping With Nora 

Not everyone can be born with magical talent. It takes a lot of hard work and determination to make those magical dreams come true. Of course, for one little alchemist who has been kicked out of magic school, it may take more work than others. Today, RedDeer.Games invite players to enter the world of their point-and-click adventure, Nora the Wannabe Alchemist. Out now on the Nintendo Switch, the game allows players to practice their alchemy through farming sim and “cooking” gameplay. In a hand-painted world, it is up to the players to make Nora’s alchemy dreams a reality. A new launch trailer gives players a glimpse of the game and all they can expect.  

Nora the Wannabe Alchemist

Nora the Wannabe Alchemist places players in the shoes of the titular character. A rather unlucky girl, Nora has been kicked out of her magic school. Now, she is left with a magic shop and some wilting plants. As Nora, players will need to learn how to nurture and tend to her plants in order to grow ingredients for her alchemical practices. Successfully growing plants allows players to create different potions which they can then sell at Nora’s shop. Of course, as Nora gains experience the business will flourish and more potion types will become available. However, be warned, time is not on your side and Nora happens to be a little clumsy. 

Importantly, players can get a look at Nora the Wannabe Alchemist in the release trailer. The trailer provides players with a look at the game’s art style and gameplay. Check it out below. 

Nora the Wannabe Alchemist is out now on the Nintendo Switch. Additionally, the PC version of the game is already available on Steam. So who is ready to brew some potions? Hope you’ve got a green thumb.