Vellum Coloring the Roguelike Genre in 2024

Paint Your Enemies

The power of color can never be understated. It fills our lives with joy and beauty. Yet, what if it could be used to cast spells? Prepare to step into a world where this concept is reality, and paint your enemies to defeat. Alvious Games is happy to announce their new cooperative action roguelike, Vellum, is coming to Steam in 2024. Inviting players to help protect the mystic library of Vellum, the game allows players to engage with monochromatic monsters as a scribe of the library. Factually, as a scribe, players will use magical spells, powered by color, to defeat the ever-encroaching threat. An announcement trailer allows players to witness the gameplay. 


Vellum introduces players to the titular library. However, all is not well. The enemy is on the move and they feed on fables. Players must work together with their friends to defeat these monsters as they lay siege to the library. Importantly,  Vellum allows players to design their own loadout with various color-based spells, players can truly design their own way of playing. In fact, with over 70 possible loadout combinations, there is no shortage of experimentation in the game. Yet, be warned the enemy evolves too. Interestingly, players get to decide how the enemy evolves. Importantly, there are over 100 different “torn” pages that allow the enemy to change. For instance, players can decide if the creatures will become stronger, faster, or do more damage. So, there are many ways for the gameplay to develop. 

Of course, players can get a glimpse of the game in the announcement trailer for the game. Furthermore, players can see some of the spellwork in action. 

Vellum is releasing on PC via Steam in 2024. So, are you ready to fend off the Torn?