Ravenswatch Monkeying Around With Major Update

The Monkey King Comes to Ravenswatch

On a long journey to the west, the monkey king is finding himself right at home amongst the Ravenswatch. Switch stances, and smash foes with your staff as the legend of Chinese mythology himself. Today, NACON and Passtech Games are excited to announce the next major update for their co-op roguelike adventure, Ravenswatch. Introducing the 8th playable hero, Sun Wukong, the update is also providing players with a long-awaited quality of life addition in the form of matchmaking. A trailer for the update gives players a look at the Monkey King in action. 


Sun Wukong is the 8th hero to join the Ravenswatch. Playing as the Monkey King is fast-paced and mechanical. In fact, Sun Wukong introduces a brand new mechanic to the game in the form of stance switching. Of course, Wukong is “perfectly balanced” and can swap between Yin and Yang stances. Where his Yin stance provides him with armor and lifesteal, his Yang stance helps him dish out 100% more damage. However, be warned, he also takes 100% more damage in this stance. Furthermore, the Monkey King provides buffs for his allies in both stances. 

Speaking of allies. The latest update for Ravenswatch also introduces matchmaking to the game. Now, instead of awaiting invites from friends, players can scour the internet and join people from across the globe in an effort to defeat the nightmares. Importantly, players can check out the update trailer for a glimpse of the Monkey King in action. View the trailer below. 

Ravenswatch is out now on Steam Early Access. Additionally, the game is coming to Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch consoles in 2024.