Tengoku Struggle- Strayside Unleashing Hell in English in 2024

Heaven and Hell 

Get ready for a Hell of a time. In fact, the very name itself has a lot to do with this upcoming adventure. More specifically, the prisoners of Hell and how they are now running amok on Earth. Luckily, a team of heroes is dedicated to catching these escapees. But can they catch them in time? Today, Aksys Games is happy to announce that their narrative game, Tengoku Struggle- Strayside, is releasing in English, for the Nintendo Switch in 2024. Inviting players to a world where Hell is a resort where the dead meet the living, the game tells a narrative where players can meet interesting characters and form relationships. However, there is a grave mystery afoot as some of the prisoners of Hell have been released. A new trailer gives players a look at some of the characters they are likely to meet. 


Tengoku Struggle- Strayside combines graphic novel narrative with vast world-building. Playing as Rin, a Hell Guardian and daughter to the king, players are sent on a mission to capture escapees from a Hell prison break. Importantly, Rin must leave Heaven and descend to the Human Realm. Here, players will discover an app that pardons people. Yet, what is the scheme behind it? 

In Tengoku Struggle- Strayside players will form important relationships. Interestingly, the game allows players to make their own choices as they travel through the narrative. Of course, players will be able to meet, develop relationships, and perhaps even romance these characters. So, check out the trailer for the English version of the game. View the trailer below. 

Tengoku Struggle- Strayside is releasing its English version in April of 2024.