One Night: Burlesque Opens Its Door on the Nintendo Switch

Enter a Luxurious Burlesque Club

The independent video game developer and publisher RedDeer.Games have officially launched One Night: Burlesque on the Nintendo Switch. It is a mystery visual novel with a supernatural twist with a noir aesthetic. You can purchase it from the Nintendo eShop for just $1.99 USD with an 84% launch discount. This huge offer will end on 24 November.

One Night: Burlesque

With the setting sun casting its final rays, the lavish burlesque club Angels Den unveils its inviting doors. Welcoming its guests to an unforgettable night. In One Night: Burlesque, players will step inside the shoes of Holly, a talented dancer with a unique gift of telepathy. She often struggles to keep her mind-reading abilities under control.

However, it proved to be useful when a bloody picture of her friend was projected into her mind. In the image, her friend Liz is shot in the chest while performing on the stage. Holly’s night changes from entertaining people into a murder mystery race with time. She must do whatever she can to save her beloved friend.

Players must interview a list of suspects, play story-related minigames, find clues, make choices, and decide when to read the thoughts of others. Be very careful though because the decisions have a lot of impact on how the story unfolds.

The key features are:

– A noir aesthetic
– A detective-style murder mystery
– A unique setting (a Burlesque Club)
– Multiple endings depending on your choices
– An Incredible music track
– A charming telepathic dancer

One Night: Burlesque is already available on PC via Steam since 3 November 2023. Make sure to take a look at the official launch trailer below.