Memory Rewind Officially Announced for PC and Nintendo Switch

Start Investigating in Memory Rewind

Developer Lioncore and Singapore-based publisher Soft source Pte has announced a new title, Memory Rewind, coming to PC and Nintendo Switch in 2025. It is a visual novel about a private investigator’s journey to the past. As well as his quest to solve super-powered client problems through a unique deduction gameplay.

Memory Rewind

Memory Rewind is a thrilling detective visual novel game where you embark on a journey of unraveling mysteries with your assistant, Olivina. You will navigate through a bizarre case that pulls you into unique investigation gameplay. Along the way, you will also meet a cast of colorful characters that will either help you or cause more trouble.

Get an experience of the life of a “self-proclaimed” detective alongside his cute and quirky assistant. Try to solve a case that may sound normal, but is full of complex hidden twists and turns. Seek the “Best Ending” for the case, where the truth may not align with the reality people wish to accept.


– Detective visual novel with a compelling story
– Unique Investigation mechanic that challenges players to be observant
– Beautiful cast of unique characters with gorgeous art
– Smooth live 2D animation that gives life to the characters
– Collections of beautiful and artistically hand-drawn CG for player to unlock