Neon Blood Is Now Available for Pre-order and Wishlist

Bring Equality in Neon Blood

Developer ChaoticBrain Studio and publisher Meridiem have announced that Neon Blood is now available for pre-order and wishlist on all digital platforms. Players, eager to get their hands on the neo-noir action adventure can now wishlist it on Nintendo eShop, Xbox Store, Steam, and PlayStation Store.

Meridiem also announced that a boxed edition of the game will be available in specialist stores in the fourth quarter of 2024. This Limited Edition will be coming out on PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch. It includes a metallic-textured cover, an art book, a city guide, and a downloadable soundtrack.

Neon Blood

Neon Blood is a 2.5D cyberpunk action-adventure game that takes in the year 2053, at Viridis. At this point, the world has come to an end due to a war lost in time. Now inequality is everywhere in Viridis, the great city encompasses the dangerous Blind City and the luxurious Bright City.

You will step inside the shoes of Axel McCoin, a detective from Blind City. Driven by your ideals, you must rebel against the injustices stemming from the social divide between the two cities and societal inequalities, and become a symbol of revolution. Along your journey, you will encounter powerful allies who aid him in his quest. As well as formidable enemies who oppose him, such as Ruby Emerald, determined to thwart his plans at any cost.

Key features:

– Elaborate and deep story with a cyberpunk theme combined with a turn-based combat style like old RPGs with a strong strategy factor
– Two different realities of the two cities with complete 2.5D aesthetic, merging cyberpunk and sci-fi
– A big macropolis full of secrets to be solved with a complete dialogue-based detective system
– A lot of neons