Legends of Amberland II: The Song of Trees Will Launch in December

A Love Letter From the 90s

The adventure is about to begin! The indie game developer Silver Lemur Games has announced the release date of Legends of Amberland II: The Song of Trees. The game will arrive on PC via Steam and GOG on 5 December 2023. Additionally, the developer is also planning to port the game to consoles sometime in 2024 with more language support.

Legends of Amberland II: The Song of Trees is a classic Western RPG. It takes heavy inspiration from 90s games like Might & Magic, Wizardry, Ultima, the Gold Box series, and others. The game is played in a first-person perspective with over-grid movement, and a turn-based system.

Players will lead a party of 7 characters called adventurers and set out on an epic adventure to fight the evil that lurks in Amberland. The story is light, epic, and heroic, with fairy tale and humourous elements.

The cool part about the Legends of Amberland series is that it can be played in any order. There might be some mild references to events in the previous game Legends of Amberland: The Forgotten Crown. However, it does not hinder the experience at all. They share the same world and lore but each has a separate and self-contained story.

Some key features are:

– First-person perspective, 90-degree rotation, over-grid movement, and turn-based combat and exploration.
– Party-based (7 heroes, either predefined or manually assembled upon new game).
– Fast-paced combat, especially blazing fast against much weaker enemies.
– Quick travel to reduce backtracking.
– Easy inventory management with a separate personal equipment encumbrance system and an infinite magic bag of carrying for items not equipped at the moment.
– Open world with a big overworld to explore.
– Quests (including both main storyline quests and side quests).
– Rich world lore (spanning between all games of the series, but no knowledge of prior games required).