Enshrouded Steam Early Access Release Date Announced

Survive Against All Odds

Keen Games has officially announced that their upcoming title Enshrouded will launch on Steam Early Access on 24 January 2024. This open-world survival RPG takes inspiration from various games such as Valheim, Breath of the Wild, and Minecraft.

The developer said their goal was “to create a more welcoming entry to the survival genre and a space that wasn’t strict so as to leave more room for fun.” Additionally, they also plan to release the game on consoles in the future.


Enshrouded takes place in the lost realm of Embervale. The ancestor’s greed for magical power has unleashed a pestilence that consumed the world. You will play as a Flambord, the last ray of hope for a dying race. You must survive the terror of a corrupting fog called the Shroud, and reclaim the beauty of your kingdom.

Start your journey with nothing but your will to survive. Scavenge through the ruined remnants of the lost kingdom while collecting scraps, and face off against dangerous beasts. All the while avoiding the Shroud that consumes and corrupts all the life forms it encounters.

There are formidable bosses and ravaging factions waiting to take you down in forests, caves, and dungeons. You must battle against these foes using your fighting skills and powerful spells. Find the weakness of your enemies and develop your own unique combat style with the in-depth skill tree system.

Enshrouded features a Voxel-based building, which means that the world is made up of blocks. This allows for a lot of flexibility in building and crafting. The player can build bases, craft weapons, and armor, and even terraform the world.

The game supports co-op multiplayer mode with up to 16 players. Call your friends to survive together and participate in raids, gather treasures, and overcome the Fell hordes that ravage the land.