Stellar Monarch 2 Launches on Steam Early Access

Hello, Emperor 

Prepare to take the throne with the early access launch of Stellar Monarch 2 today. Silver Lemur Games turn-based grand strategy game where the player focusses on the big picture. 

Stellar Monarch 2 Feature

Unlike most grand strategy games, Stellar Monarch 2 places the player as Emperor of the Terrans and that means no small stuff. As Silver Lemur Games says on their website “You are the emperor, not a logistics officer. You don’t deal with low level stuff like building farms, factories or individual ships. Instead you focus on the grander scale of things.”  

In a press release from Silver Lemur Games, the indie-developer described the game as “a turn-based space empire builder with a feudal twist.” 

The game has the player dealing with granting audiences, quashing rebellions, and surviving assassination attempts. They control huge swaths of the galaxy and a large fleet, thousands upon thousands of ships. You as the player don’t need to click to build things because as emperor, that isn’t your job. Instead you need to spend time unifying your empire against alien threats. 

In the meantime, you must use brand new mechanics introduced into the game to ensure your empire will last. Mechanics, included in the press release, like noble houses and the Great Council. Some of this gameplay is represented in the Alpha trailer. In addition to these concepts, the trailer gives some representation on how interactions within the empire, and beyond, take place.  As emperor, you make the choices and deal with the consequences. 

“You can play a relatively fast paced game on a huge galaxy without late game slow downs,” says Silver Lemur’s website. 

The game launched on Steam today for early access. It currently costs $26.00 until December 13th when it will return to $28.00. 

Welcome to the galaxy Emperor. How will you rule your empire?