Become the Guardian of Lore on Switch

Action-Platformer Based on Native Latin-American Myths Guardian of Lore is Now Available for Switch

Top Hat Studios and Round 2 Games announced the platformer Guardian of Lore will be released on the Nintendo Switch today. Round 2 Games first debuted their game on PC in May 2021 and Top Hat Studios partnered with them to bring it to consoles.

Guardian of Lore is a 2.5D action-platformer that interweaves folk tales and myths from the Incas and the Aztecs. It follows Prince Sayri, Guardian of the Mystical Library. The Mystical Library closely guards the lost knowledge of conquered civilizations.

Sayri is the new Guardian of the Library and must make up for the mistakes of his cruel ancestor. He was a powerful king who conquered and banished the original cultures of the land. Now in charge of all of this lost knowledge, Sayri is in the perfect position to make amends. Therefore, players must protect the ancient tales from evil forces that are trying to erase them forever.

Guardian of Lore Artwork

Players will use the Amulet of Yebichai to bring each story to life to stop the corruption trying to destroy them. As their only hope, Prince Sayri must save these stories before they are lost forever. Players will run, jump and fight in a game that blends myth with an interesting cast of characters and creatures.

Guardian of Lore also incorporates RPG elements that allow players to power up their spells and combat skills. Players will get to tweak Prince Sayri’s skillset to best fit their play style.

Available today on the Nintendo Switch, Guardian of Lore will also be coming to PlayStation 4 and 5 on December 13. Will you be able to stop the destruction of these ancient cultures?