Ready to Become the Next United States President?

This Is the President Puts Players in the Oval Office and Challenges Them to Rule the Country While Avoiding Arrest

This Is the President is a dark and gritty satirical political thriller that puts players behind the Resolute Desk. As President of the United States, players run the country like a mob boss as they try to gain a high approval rating. Players will persuade, blackmail, bribe and bully their way into gaining lifelong criminal immunity. But how can they achieve that?

This Is the President Art

In This Is the President, players can hold speeches, press conferences, draft executive orders and more. They will also have to make countless difficult decisions as President. This ranges from choosing who to hire, which bills to sign, which policies to endorse and much more.

While players will make all of these decisions publically, they will also make secret decisions behind closed doors. As President, players will have assassins, lobbyists and hackers at their disposal. They can complete their assigned missions by legal or illegal means. The President will need to construct their cabinet and shadow cabinet carefully if they wish to succeed.

Players must succeed on both sides to maintain a high approval rating. A good approval rating will help players achieve the game’s main goal: getting Amendment 28 ratified to the United States Constitution. This will give the President lifelong immunity after their term in office is finished.

THQ Nordic announced the new game alongside a release trailer you can find below.

This Is the President is available today for $14.99 on Steam. It is time to take your turn in the Oval Office. Will you be able to run the United States without putting yourself behind bars?