Drawing Carnival Has Started Doodling on Nintendo Switch

Join the Drawing Carnival

It’s time to unleash your inner inner artist and make breathtaking paintings! Crazy Labs and QubicGames have launched Drawing Carnival on the Nintendo Switch. The is now available for just $4.99 USD on Nintendo eShop. Not only that, there are two separate DLCs as well that are priced at $1.99 USD each.

In Drawing Carnival, you will get all the freedom of creativity. There are so many options to choose from such as glowing diamonds, glue and glitters, spray paints, markers, and many more. Go grab your artistic tools right now and create amazing masterpieces. Choose them wisely, decide the colors that you would like to use, and paint a perfect image.

You can even divide the painting into four parts and design it however you please. And most importantly, don’t forget to put a frame and sell it. Hang your amazing art piece on the empty wall of the exhibition to attract buyers. Choose the most profitable bid and make as much money as you can to decorate the exhibition. You can even change the look of the walls or floors, and purchase new decorative items.

Key features:

– Paint in 5 various ways using different tools ranging from sprays to neon markers!
– Complete many pictures with painted characters, food, and animals
– Choose the style in which you want to paint part of the picture
– Choose colors from a large color palette
– When you are done painting, choose a frame to put your drawing in
– Lead the sale of your works and earn money
– Instead of using regular-looking tools, put skins on them and make them look cooler!
– Upgrade the look of your exhibition by buying new floors, walls, and decorations
– Paint your doodles, relax, and have fun!