ASMR Slicing Cuts It Way to Nintendo Switch

Slice and Enjoy the Sound

Get ready to become the ultimate slice master! Developer Crazy Labs and publisher QubicGames have released the satisfying cutting game ASMR Slicing on the Nintendo Switch. It is now available on the Nintendo eShop for just $4.99 USD. Moreover, the game is already out on PC via Microsoft Store and mobile devices (Android/IOS).

In ASMR Slicing, you will get to choose your favorite cutting tool that ranges from simple kitchen knives to flossers. Cut up everything into pieces and experience the satisfying ASMR sounds. There are various colorful objects to chop, all made up of kinetic sand. They come in different shapes such as food, toys, buildings, everyday objects, and ordinary cubes or blocks.

The game features a challenge mode as well where you have to cut objects in the right weight. Or divide them into a given number of parts, cut them in perfect half, or find hidden things inside them.

You will unlock new mysterious objects and collect coins to buy awesome blades ranging from lightsabers and credit cards to axes and chainsaws.

Here are the key features:

– cut multiple colorful objects using unusual blades!
– listen to great ASMR sounds while cutting through items
– play in challenge mode with different tasks
– collect money to buy epic blades
– unlock mysterious objects and slice them all
– smash cookies with life quotes using a hammer