Buried Alive: Breathless Rescue Steam Release Date Announced

Conquer Your Fears and Find the Light

Prepare for a claustrophobic experience! Developer Geekon and publisher Midnight Works have officially unveiled the Steam launch date of Buried Alive: Breathless Rescue today. This spine-chilling adventure survival horror game will be available on the platform on 12 December. Moreover, it will also be coming to PlayStation consoles on 22 December.

Buried Alive: Breathless Rescue

In Buried Alive: Breathless Rescue, you find yourself in a filled with unknown darkness. Your mission is to escape the confines of this coffin, solve puzzles, and unveil the dark secrets that lie ahead. Use your survival instincts and wits to find the keys to freedom.

You will explore the chilling depths of the crypt to uncover hidden mysteries. Make sure to search every nook and corner as it will bring you further toward your escape. Solve all the mind-bending puzzles, decipher cryptic riddles, piece together the fragmented clues, and unlock the crypt’s hidden passages. However, always keep in mind that there are dangers lurking within.

The key features are:

РUncover Secrets: Awake in a desolate crypt, shrouded in darkness. Find a blood-stained old bat and a cryptic note, beckoning you to uncover mysteries.

– Explore and Unearth: Delve into chilling depths, search everywhere, solve puzzles, and find hidden clues leading to escape. Beware of lurking dangers.

РTest Ingenuity: Survival depends on thinking fast, solving intricate puzzles, deciphering riddles, and unlocking hidden passages.

– Discover Dark Tale: Venture deeper, and unveil a haunting tale of despair. Learn the story behind the bat and note, uncover chilling secrets.

– Escape or Succumb: Decisions determine fate. Conquer fears, escape the crypt’s grasp, or succumb to consuming darkness. Time’s limited.

Take a look at the official gameplay trailer below.