Core Keeper Digging To Consoles In 2024

Mining to a New Release

Ready your picks console players a mining adventure is coming your way in the new year. Prepare to delve into a mountain and take part in an underground survival sim. Today, Pugstorm and Fireshine Games are happy to announce that their sandbox mining adventure, Core Keeper, is coming to consoles in 2024. Following a successful launch on PC via Steam in 2022, the game has recently celebrated its newest major update: “Shimmering Frontier”. Inviting console players to the mining adventure, the game will be arriving with all current updates. A console announcement trailer gives players a look at what they can expect. 

core keeper sold over half a million copies

Core Keeper allows players to explore an endless cavern as they try to survive. Luckily, they don’t need to do it alone. With up to seven friends, players can develop their base, grow crops, explore an ancient world, and more. However, survival won’t be easy. The cavern is full of dangerous creatures that want to see the player dead. The game develops its style similarly to games like Terraria, allowing players the freedom to craft items, weapons, and more. Additionally, players can also mine resources, start farms, and go on adventures through diverse and interesting biomes. 

Core Keeper’s addition of the “Shimmering Frontier” update brought a whole host of new content to the game. Of course, console players will be able to experience all of this content when the game arrives in 2024. Until then, check out the announcement trailer for a glimpse of what’s to come. View the trailer below. 

Core Keeper is coming to the Nintendo Switch, Xbox, and PlayStation consoles in the Summer of 2024. Currently, the game is available on PC via Steam.