Core Keeper Sparkles With Shimmering Frontier Update

A Shining Discovery for the Core

It’s time to grab your pickaxe and keep digging. There is a lot more to discover in the crystalline lands that are available to explore now. Today, Pugstorm and Fireshine Games are happy to announce the latest update for their mining sandbox adventure, Core Keeper. The update, titled “Shimmering Frontier”, introduces players to a whole new biome full of new weaponry, armor, items, and more. Of course, a press release provides more details on the update and the overall game itself. Additionally, an update trailer shows off exactly what can be expected from the update. 

Core Keeper Shimmering Frontier

Shimmering Frontier adds even more to the base Core Keeper experience. This new biome invites players to explore the vast shining biome that contains secrets of the ancient ones. In addition to a whole new biome to explore, the update is bringing a host of new content. For instance, players can wield new weapons like the obliteration ray, find new armor, mine the new ore Solarite, and even breed livestock to create their own farm. Furthermore, players can look forward to new battle events where they face off against monsters in arena-based battles. Or, players and friends can test their mettle in the Sunken Sea against the colossal Atlantean Worm. 

Importantly players can get a look at Core Keeper’s new update in the new Shimmering Frontier trailer. Check out the trailer below. 

Core Keeper is available now on PC via Steam Early Access. So, will you be jumping into a whole new frontier?