Beyond Sunset Is Available on Steam Early Access

Watch Over the Sunset City

Get ready for some samurai action! Developer Metacorp and publisher Movie Games S.A.’s latest title Beyond Sunset is now available on Steam Early Access. The game is made in the original GZDoom engine with some amazing tweaks. Moreover, a demo version is already live on the platform for everyone to try out.

Beyond Sunset is a cyberpunk first-person shooter with RPG elements and a rich story. You are Lucy and wake up from cryostasis in the confusing hog of hypersleep with no memories at all. But you realize that you now possess powerful abilities such as lightning-fast reaction and combat skills.

Yuri, a mysterious woman shows up and offers you a deal. You need to use your newfound abilities to become a street samurai to look after Sunset City. In exchange, you will get your lost memories back.

You will explore large, open levels populated by NPCs and discover new challenges and playstyles. There are different weapons, movement skills, and special abilities to unlock as well. As you progress, you will also discover tons of upgrades for Lucy that will help her take down enemies more easily. More importantly, it has intense boss fights, so, always be prepared.

The game features GZDoom tools for all the players to create new levels and design weapons, special attacks, and combat scenarios. Additionally, there is a community for everyone to share their creations.