Stardander School For Witches Begins Classes on Early Access

Fae and Spellcraft 

Attention Witches, the spooky season is upon us. As such, classes at Stardander are now in session. Today, Fancy Fish Games is excited to announce the Steam Early Access release of their turn-based RPG and life sim, Stardander School For Witches. Following the story of four young witches, players will enter a magical world full of strange creatures and powerful spells. Importantly, the game introduces a combination of life sim elements alongside classic RPG-style battles with a witchcraft flair. A press release delves into the new details of the game’s Early Access release. Additionally, a new school song video gives players a glimpse of the art style of the game. 

Stardander School For Witches

Stardander School For Witches has begun classes and is following four young witches on their journey to magical mastery. The Witches, Callie, Freya, Rory, and Mira, are beginning their first year. Importantly, the Early Access will follow these four through their first four years of school with the rest to come later. 

However, despite attending a school, players can expect a lot more than book learning. In fact, a great deal of the game allows players to explore the world and engage in turn-based battles against fae monsters. Yet, the battles in the game are completely optional. For those players who would rather not participate in combat, there are plenty of other activities to do. For instance, making friends, going to classes, gaining a familiar, brewing potions, or a host of other activities. 

Stardander is out now on  Steam Early Access. More content is coming to the game upon its full release.