Pioneers of Pagonia Demo Version Launched on Steam

Let’s Get To Work in Pioneers of Pagonia

The wait is finally over guys! The award-winning indie studio Envision Entertainment has launched the first demo version of Pioneers of Pagonia today on Steam. It will include three different maps and introduce its players to the deep city-building mechanics. Moreover, the game will be available for early access on the same platform starting from 13 December 2023 at a price of 29.99 EUR / 29.99 USD / 25.99 GBP.

Pioneers of Pagonia

Pioneers of Pagonia is a medieval-fantasy city-builder game. You play as a visionary with a goal to unite all the fantastical islands of Patagonia. In order to do so, you must first forge alliances with the inhabitants by helping and gaining their trust. You must send out all your pioneers to discover untouched soils, find hidden treasures, and explore secret places.

The player will be responsible for all the decisions related to the inhabitants. And it is their duty to fulfill all your commands. The game features a vibrant visual with lovely animations. It will also support multiple languages, including German, English, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, French, and Polish.

The developers are also planning to introduce a co-op mode, expanded productivity display, subsurface mining, and the fishing hut. Here are some key features of the game:

  • Experience how thousands of inhabitants scurry around to execute your orders and build your empire.
  • Use your creativity to build the economy with over 40 building types, more than 70 different
    goods, and branching production chains.
  • Explore the infinite variations of procedurally generated maps and face ever-new challenges.
  • Protect your population from hostile animals, plundering bandits, and mythical creatures.
  • Settle on fabled islands and send out your pioneers to explore new lands, find hidden resources, and uncover secrets.
  • Unite with scattered tribes by helping them solve their problems and fulfill their most important desires.

If you are a fan of city building or simulation games, you should definitely keep an eye out for this title.